How long does it take to receive my hair?-it takes anywhere between 5-7business days after your payment has been processed. It takes 1-2 business days for payments to be processed. You will be emailed a tracking number to track your order.  If you are picking up your hair it'll be available for pick up the Saturday after 7 business days. (example you order hair Wednesday the 6th 7business days from that would be Friday the 15th so you could come pick up your extensions Saturday the 16th)


Do you accept refunds? 
-no there are no refunds or exchanges once you purchase the hair


How many bundles does it take for a full head?
-it takes 2-3 bundles for a full head depending on the length of your extensions. Each bundle is 3.5oz. Please consult with your hair stylist to see how many bundles you will need. 

Typically 18" and under you'll need 2 BUNdles

20"-28" 3 BUNdles

30"-40" 4-5 BUNdles


Is it virgin hair? What does virgin mean?
-yes the hair is virgin hair.  The hair has not been processed so it's in it's natural state and natural color which is a brown similar to the color 2/4


Can I dye my extensions?-yes you may dye your extensions. For best results please let your hair stylist color your extensions.


How do I care for my extensions?
-wash your extensions with Dove intensive repair shampoo or herbal essence hello hydration, condition with Organix coconut milk or Creme of Nature Intensive deep conditioner. Allow hair to air dry & apply Organix argan oil to your extensions. If you are wearing your hair in its natural state you can use Organix moroccan curling perfection defining cream and John Frieda frizz-ease dream curls. All these products can be found at CVS.


Do you ship out of state?
-yes hair can be shipped anywhere in & outside of the USA


I don't have enough money, can you do a lay-a-way plan?
-yes I understand virgin hair can be more expensive than your average remy hair from beauty supplies. To do a lay-a-way call 214-803-8925 and we can talk about a payment plan for you to get your Exquisite Extensions.